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Business Management

From planning, organising, registering, all the way up to live tracking the progress of your startup, The Startup Scholars will escort you throughout and corroborate that your startup idea gets a healthy head start and ride.

Start-Up Consultancy

We provide a plethora of services like elucidating our clients about Government norms for startups & expert outsourcing through Website Development, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Market Research, Project Managing et cetera.

Compliance & Regularities

Setting up a startup is a lot of hassle. Our expert team will handhold you through the compliances and regularities like registration, patents, copyrights etc required to register, set up, and get started with your venture.
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Startup Consulting
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The Startup

Building a startup from scratch can be a tough row to hoe. The Startup Scholars is a SaaS based start-up consultancy firm that provides a wide array of services like Website Development, Digital Marketing, Market Research & Validation, Project Management, Social Media Management and much more at affordable prices for those companies that do not have an experienced team or the required human resources to carry out the assortment of tasks that a startup demands.

We assist creators, early-stage startups and businesses in launching their companies, expanding into new industries, commercialising breakthrough ideas, as well as helping them to simply go ‘big’.
As ‘Experience’ is the biggest teacher and ‘Entrepreneurship’ is all about solving problems, TSS has combined these elements to create a solution to a problem that we constantly noticed throughout our 7 year+ experience in the start-up industry.

Introducing Mr. Manager, a one of its kind process automation tracking system which traces the growth path of start-ups without hassle thus giving an end to end solution to all the startups and startup ecosystem players (investors, incubators, accelerators, VC firms, PE firms, etc.) to not only track their performance, but also propagate successfully towards their dreams with real time data analytics and evaluation.
Our Portfolio
The Startup Scholars has provided its services to individuals from a wide range of industries. Our clients have approached us from their ‘Ideation’ stage and were taken as far as ‘Prototype Development’ stage, ‘Incorporation’ stage etc.
Some of the industries we have provided our services to are:
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • E-Commerce Industry
  • Fashion Industry
  • Toy Industry
  • IT Industry
  • Food-Tech Industry
  • NGO’s
  • Construction Industry
  • Interior Design Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Hospitality Industry, etc.
To top it all off, our state of the art tracking automation system will make tracing the growth of your business extremely hassle free.
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Why Choose Us

Why Should You
Choose Us ?

Establishing a startup just might be one of the most strenuous jobs, as it requires being fully knowledgeable about every little detail from financials to funding to problem-solving and much more.

As a startup consultancy, our mission is to help budding entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams of starting a company and raise jobs, as well as our country's economy by providing them with assistance at each level of their journey by providing our support in building business plans, outsourcing, interaction with company experts, and live progress tracking through our state of the art SaaS technology. We want to inspire, accelerate, and connect people who want to change and advance society.

Many people often do not even try to get going with their startup idea because of the fear that it might fail. But there are hurdles everywhere, right?

Problems are a part of life, and we assure to be there to help you solve those problems. We are working tirelessly and constantly to help budding entrepreneurs and businesses get the push they need to take their first steps as a startup founder as well as track their growth.

As a startup consultancy, our vision is to make aware of the endless advantages and opportunities of starting a startup, making a change in society for its betterment, and guiding our country and youth towards a more self-reliant tomorrow.

One thing to always abide by while doing business are morals. We aim to deliver best outcomes and sustain our mission to make India a startup friendly country. Our team is built on:

Ideation: To help nurture ideas of our team & clients and grow them into beliefs.
Innovation: To infuse our clients with the mentality to innovate.
Creation: To create successful businesses out of plans.

Our team is driven by ethics, professionalism, discipline, responsibility, and a passion for helping our clients with their startup needs. We want to help and guide our clients to ideate, innovate, and create a chance to make their and other's dreams come true.

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